Chateaux to Visit

Presented below is a partial listing of major chateaux that you can visit on day trips from Le Puy Notre Dame:

Château d’Amboise: This beautiful chateau sits above an attractive town on the Loire River.  An added attraction is the Da Vinci Museum nearby in the same town.  The location of this chateau is on the way to Chateau de Chenonceau.  Amboise is a good place to stop for lunch.Official Website with English Version

Château d’Angers: A splendid massive fortress style chateau with splendid medieval tapestries of the apocolypse.  45 minutes away.  Angers is a major city with many attractions including a market on Saturday morning and two majore art museums: Musée des Beaux Arts and Musée des Arts Contemporaine.Official French National Historic Website in EnglishWikipedia

Château d’Azay le Rideau: This is one of the more beautiful settings of a Loire castle on a dreamy part of the Indre River.Official Site with English Version

Château Brézé: An unusual Loire Chateau with a second medieval chateau underground.  Well worth a visit, and only 15 minutes from Le Puy Notre Dame on a route to Abbay Fontevraud.  Attractive picnic area with tables.Official Website in 4 Languages

Château de Brissac: The tallest castle in France with royal decendents living in the castle. 30 minutes from Le Puy Notre Dame on the route to Angers.Official Site with English version

Château de Chenonceau: Said to be one of the most beautiful chateau in France perhaps reflecting its arched extension across the Cher River.  About 1 and 1/2 hours away east on the péage past Tours.Official Website with English Version

Château de Chinon: One of the largest medieval fortesses in Europe.  The chateau and city have a wonderful medieval ambiance.  45 minutes away.  Many good restaurants and outdoor cafés.  Good video.Official website of the city with english version

Abbaye Fontevraud: The largest Abbay in France.  A marvel to visit.  30 minutes away.  Two good restaurants in the village:  Lacorne (with a Michelin 1-star, and La Delice, an economical, but quality restaurant.

WikipediaOfficial French Website

Château de Langeais: A fortress chateau 40 minutes away on the péage, near Villandry.  Langeais is an attractive town with several restaurants.Wikipedia

Château de Montsoreau: The big draw of this smaller chateau is the beautiful setting on the Loire River.  You can have coffee on the terrace next to the castle overlooking the river.  There is a higher quality restaurant near the river: Diane de Meridor.Official French WebsiteEnglish Version

Château de Montreuil Bellay: This is the closest chateau to Le Puy Notre Dame, a 10 minute drive, and walkable, or bikeable.  An added benefit is that this village is perhaps one of the most beautiful villages in the Loire, although this is hard to judge because there are so many.  Have coffee or tea outside at the café across the street from the chateau.  The menu there is also good at a reasonable cost.  There is also a restaurant on the Thouet River below the chateau with a beautiful outdoor terrace: Restaurant des Isles.Official Website with English Version

Château d’Oiron: A unusual juxtaposition of modern art with a chateau to which Louis XIV’s mistress, Madam Montespan, was banned.  This art museum is world renowned, although not well known as a tourist destination.  15 minutes from Le Puy Notre Dame.  There is a wonderful inexpensive restaurant in the village.French Home PageWikepedia

Château de Saumur: A castle in the grand style overlooking the a city of creamy tuffeau limestone.  Saumur is a delightful city to talk a long walk, with many restaurants and sites.  20 minutes away.Tourism Site

Les Jardins et Château of Villandry: One of the most famous garden chateau in France.  About 35 minutes by péage.Official Site in English

Other Châteaux: For a somewhat more complete listing of chateaux in the area, see the following websites:

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