Wines in Village/Region

Here is a complete listing of local winemakers.  You may visit most of them with a telephone call.  Not all speak English, but everyone is used to foreign visitors.  You may inquire about wine tastings.  It is usually customary to buy a half carton if you go to a tasting.  All of the wine is worth drinking in our opinion, but if you really don’t like some wine at a tasting, you may inquire about making a small payment for the tasting in cash.  You may ask us about some wine, and we may be able to get you a bottle to taste.

Le Puy Notre Dame Vignerons

Dominique and Katherine LUCAZEAU are right next door on Rue de Cour Nault.  They are very friendly and they both speak a little English.  They have a red and a white sparkling wine that are very easy and likeable, and with low prices.  They are a pleasure to talk with.

Françoise and Phillipe GOURDON are up the street about 150 meters at Chateau La Tour Gris.  They are good friends and would show you their award winning wines.  They have a complete range of wines.  The white sparkling has unusual complexity, and unlike Champaigne, is made 100% from the chenin blanc grape, which make for an unusual and attractive style.  They also have a new line of non-appelation wines that are quite interesting, some sparkling, some not, usually for apéros or desert.  (The French like sweeter wines for apéros, and these can be very good.)  Their Zéro Sparklling Rosé was recently selected over Champaigne for as the apéro for a 4000 person dinner in Paris for Laureal.  They also have a non-appelation red that is really worth trying in the 12-euro area.  Their two whites are also excellent. For their website, click here.

You can try a wide range of good French wines from all over the country with very good prices at the local super marchés.  The problem here is that you usually cannot tast the wine, and some may not be up to your standards, but many will be.  The SuperU in Doué la Fontaine and Montreui Bellay are the closest, about 10 minutes away.  The super marché with the largest and best wine selection is the Leclere store in Saumur, which you can see off to the right when you drive north from Le Puy Notre Dame, and take the Saumur exit.


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